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七瀬 遙 (CV.島﨑信長) & 松岡 凛 (CV.宮野真守)  -  Track 3:Original Drama〜遙&凛〜
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Character Song Duet Series 004: Preview {fencer-x}
Rin: Oh, Haru—I took first bath. 
Haru: Ah. 
Rin: Huh? Makoto already left? 
Haru: Yeah; he said he had to put Ren and Ran to bed. There are some t-shirts in there; use whichever one you like. 
Rin: Ah, thanks… what the heck is this?
Haru: Northern stoplight loosejaw-kun. When I sleep in that, I sleep deeply, as if I'm at the bottom of the ocean.
Rin: ... You're still as much of an enigma as ever. Oh yeah, about that thing in the bathroom...
Haru: The loofah?
Rin: No!
Haru: The essential oil shampoo?
Rin: NO. The toy--the dolphin.
Haru: Oh that.
Rin: That's the one you got at Iwatobi SC right? I can't believe you've still got it.
Haru: You got one too. 
Rin: Yeah but it...disappeared somewhere.
Haru: ...Oh, I see.
Rin: Well, I can't keep useless crap like that at the Samezuka dorms anyway.
Haru: Are you sure you don't need to go back to the dorms tonight?
Rin: Yeah, I got permission to stay off-campus.
Haru: ... I never would have expected you to stay over...
Rin: Well it's been a while since I've been to your place!

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Story where Jean meets Marco for the first time on the ice rink and falls in love with him instantly.

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That last relay, essentially, gave Rin his reason to live.
by Miyano Mamoru, on how much that last race meant to Rin. (Iwatobi Channel #5)


In a relationship with this song. I have played it 20 times in 2 days.


Favourite BTVS Speeches:
↳ Rupert Giles, Innocence.

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Guys I finally finished my autobiography